The Learning Marathon is our 6 month peer-led learning accelerator.

Pool your resources. Multiply your development.

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The Learning Marathon helps you grow to meet a professional, personal or societal challenge that really matters to you. We connect you to a dozen peers who will multiply your growth. You'll learn together by pooling your skills, creativity, perspectives and more.

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Our Hosts start Learning Marathons around themes they care about - and invite you to join them. They are trained in our approach, but they are not the teacher or the leader. They are there to guide you, and they will participate alongside you.

Upcoming Learning Marathons

Learning Marathons currently open for applications and expressions of interest:

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Project Regenerate

A land based regenerative learning journey for 18-35 year olds

6 months, Devon, UK

Kick Off: 15th Jan 2022


"I came out with a business idea, a small team of collaborators and my first client" 

- Julian Thompson, 2018 participant


How does it work?

The Learning Marathon has three central pillars:


1. Peers

Your peer group is the heart and soul of the experience: a rich pool of backgrounds and experience, for everyone to draw on. The more you put in, the more everyone can take out.

You'll get:

  • A dozen peers who are also working on something that sets them alight. You'll pool ideas, skills, perspectives, momentum.

  • Access to the wider combined network of your peer group.

  • Access to the wider Enrol Yourself community and programme of activities.


2. Project

You identify a professional, personal or societal challenge that you want to tackle as a project over 6 months. You'll title your project with a Learning Question.

You'll get:

  • Space to tackle a specific live challenge that matters to you.

  • An interdisciplinary learning environment, fit for upgrading the 21st Century capabilities you'll need to tackle your challenge (e.g. collaboration, complex problem solving, continual learning).

  • The opportunity to add a project of real value to your portfolio.


3. Path

A scaffold of meetups, intensive sessions, a showcase event and more, the Path is designed to structure your learning and release the collective potential of the group.

You'll get:

  • A carefully crafted 6 month Path that provides structure and accountability to keep you moving, see below for more detail.

  • A Host, trained in the Enrol Yourself philosophy and approach, there to guide, not to lead. Your Host will participate alongside you.



The Path in detail

6 months of activities designed to maximise the collective potential of your new peer group.


Note: Learning Marathons are currently taking place online due to Covid-19, which means the following activities will take place online rather than face-to-face.


Kick Off Weekend

The Marathon kicks off with an intensive weekend of introductory presentations, coaching training, skills and networks mapping, co-designing the journey and getting to know each other.


Evening Meetups

A full evening once every two weeks, bringing the whole group together. This is the spine of the experience combining workshops, challenges, discussion and guests.


Buddy Check-ins

Buddy groups check-in between every evening Meetup. You decide when to meet and whether to make it face-to-face or online. We'll provide you with session outlines.


Power up days

You invite an external panel to give critique and feedback on work in progress and we'll boost motivation through creative challenges and reflection. You'll have two of these.



You will have one-to-one coaching and you'll learn the skills to coach your peers. Your facilitator will support your journey and help make sure you maximise your learning potential.


Get Shit Done Sundays

We schedule these across the programme. This is important 'heads down' time where you'll come together to work on your project with encouragement from the group.


Showcase event

This event is designed by the group to showcase your projects and journey. A chance to share with family, friends, collaborators, funders: whoever you want there. Watch the video.


Finish Line Weekend

A co-designed retreat, making space for deep reflection, self-assessment, peer endorsement, storytelling, celebration and planning the next steps of your journey.



"I can't believe how much I've made happen. I couldn't have done this without the peer group and structure of meetups."

- Iacob Bacian, 2017 participant



Featured projects

Scroll through some of our previous participants and their projects:


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Anton Wade 2018 participant

Anton's challenge was how he could use his design skills and creative talents to become self employed. He left his job to pursue his ideas, started Make Club to make them happen and set up a design studio to support his first steps into freedom.

"Enrol Yourself has been an adventure and a life changer. I've run creativity experiments, living more for less and growing my creative income."


Is it for you?

Can you answer yes to these four questions:









Is there a professional, personal or societal challenge you want to grow to meet?


Do you want to challenge traditional learning formats - and yourself -

by joining a peer group?

Do you recognise the value of working toward more cooperative social patterns of behaviour? 

Are you an adult human, ready to commit to an average of 5 hours per week over 6 months? 


What does it cost?

We are working to make the Learning Marathon as accessible as possible. Your fees make it possible for your Host to run the Learning Marathon, by contributing to their income. 100% of your fees go to them, to pay them and cover costs.


Typically, a 6-month Learning Marathon will cost between £750 - £1650, depending on your circumstances and finances. Fees may differ slightly from Host to Host for a variety of reasons.


We ask that those who are able to contribute more. This makes it possible for your Host to offer lower cost places and bursaries, and allows everyone to learn as part of a more diverse group.

Hosts will usually offer several bursaries. Criteria for these will vary from group to group, so please speak to your Host. Most Hosts will also allow you to pay in instalments to spread the cost.

We welcome employers fully or partially covering your fee. We have resources to assist you in making the case.


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Find out more

Intrigued? Take a look at our upcoming Learning Marathons.