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We have wonderful support from these organisations who are funding us, working with us or offering us space, advice or mentoring.
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Enrol Yourself equips 21st C adults to grow themselves, together. Amidst increasing uncertainty and inequality, individual and collective learning have never been more important.

We organise the Learning Marathon. It's a 6 month peer-led learning accelerator designed to integrate into your life alongside work. Hosts initiate local groups and connect you to your peers. 

We can bring the power of peer groups to your organisation, and we offer intensive workshops and training in topics like peer-led facilitation and learner experience design.



This year you can join the Learning Marathon in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh and Sofia.

If you're based somewhere else and you'd like to see the Learning Marathon happen in your area, leave your details here.

Upcoming programmes listed below:



A peer group collectively exploring how we can 'embed more human connection in services and systems'.


  • Kick Off will be Nov 2019. 

  • Find out more and sign up here.


Sofia, Bulgaria

A peer group open to adults aged 25–45 from any professional background.

  • Kick Off will be Early 2020. 

  • Find out more and sign up here.



Featured events

Showcase event


Bristol Learning Marathon Showcase

October 16th, 6pm

The Kitchen, Silver Street




Learner Experience Designer's Meetup

October 16th, 6-9pm

Memrise, 3-5 Fashion St


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