Designing culture, community or learning? Enrich your approach with the power of peer-to-peer.

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Huddlecraft 101

A 3-week immersion: learn to design spaces and structures for peer-led learning, support and action. Multiply your ability to apply these approaches in your setting.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you're working on community, culture or learning and development, for an organisation or independently, in any sector. You'll already know - or sense - the value of peer-led approaches, but you want to multiply your ability to put them into practice.

What to expect:

This training bottles 5 years of learning. We'll cover peer learning, peer dynamics and peer relationships across 5 levels (see illustration).


Time commitment:

3 days time commitment over 3 weeks, incl. a break. This includes 6 scheduled, facilitated sessions, as well as self-paced learning resources (more detail below).

Key dates:

Dates for 2022 will be revealed soon!


We'll be online, so you can join us from any location.

Huddlecraft 101 Overview


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"I came away feeling prepared on a deeper level: knowing that we'd cultivated the mindsets, relationships and hosting dynamics that would enable us to 'hold' enriching and demanding processes"

- Rebecca Ford, Head of Collaboration and Learning Design, The RSA


Why NOW?

We are hyped to be offering Huddlecraft 101 at this particular moment. Here's why we think this is so important, right now:



Humanity has never needed to learn so much, within such a short timeframe.

We want to spread approaches that encourage all participants to be active agents of each other's learning.




Thriving in a post-Covid future will require greater social and emotional skills.

A peer-to-peer mindset can bake this into the design of community, culture and/or learning spaces.




No work towards sustainable futures can ignore social justice.

Peer-led approaches are structurally more equitable than many traditional approaches.



You might be looking to top up your professional practice, apply peer power to a live challenge - or invest in your organisational culture. Here's what you can expect to take away:


For you:

A deeper understanding of the potential of peer-to-peer relationships for creating community, culture and learning infrastructure. 

Greater understanding of where you can apply peer-to-peer dynamics to support your aims, objectives and live challenges.

Feel confident generating chemistry in peer groups online and offline, and create 'new power' spaces even within 'old power' organisations.

Make a strong case and advocate for these approaches by articulating the value of peer-to-peer.

Connect with a cohort of practitioners grappling with their own context, and exchange multiple perspectives and ideas.

For your organisation:

Invest in needed skills: the pandemic has highlighted how the skills of gathering and relating effectively are essential for everyone to thrive.

Reinvigorate organisational culture post-Covid by supporting a culture of ongoing learning and collaboration.

Use cutting edge approaches to community, culture and learning for your programmes, ventures and initiatives.

Make cost savings by adopting a  distributive, peer-to-peer mentality in place of a service-provider mindset.

Create resilience for an uncertain future, by placing relationship-building at the heart of your approach


"I loved how playful all the activities and sessions were and how we weaved in and out of personal reflection and group conversations. The digital collaboration activities were particularly well designed." 


- Jahnvi Singh, learning designer and facilitator


How it works

Huddlecraft 101 live sessions and content is designed to be a total of 3 days' time commitment in total. This included 6 scheduled, facilitated sessions, as well as self-paced learning resources.

Here are the details for 2021's training, for reference. Dates for 2022 will be announced soon:



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A pack of printed goodies sent by post, including a copy of Huddlecraft.

October - November 2021

Training week 1

  • Session 1​​: Tuesday 12th, 1.15-3.30pm

  • Session 2: Thursday 14th, 1.15-3.30pm

Training week 2

  • Session 3​​: Tuesday 19th, 1.15-3.30pm

  • Session 4: Thursday 21st, 1.15-3.30pm

Training week 3

  • Session 5​​: Tuesday 2nd, 1.15-3.30pm

  • Session 6: Thursday 4th, 1.15-3.30pm

Rest / Reading week


A database of all Huddlecraft 101 participant contacts.

Ongoing opt-in access to the Enrol Yourself slack community, alongside your cohort.

1 day’s worth of self-paced learning: 5 X recorded Q&A sessions with Enrol Yourself’s host community + activities to complete and/or take back to your team or community.

Coffee carousel: We’ll help you set up a coffee with someone, and someone will set one up with you.


We know that investments like this one are harder for some to make than for others. For this reason you can choose to make your payment over 4 instalments.

  • For individuals, either a one-off payment of £995 or 4 payments of £248.75

  • For organisations, either a one-off payment of £1695 or 4 payments of £423.75

All prices are inclusive of VAT. You can apply for a bursary by filling out this form.

We can do group discounts for organisations who have >3 employees who'd like to join - and we could explore doing the same for groups of individuals as well - get in touch with

Host community light-26.png

Enrol Yourself Host community

Accessibility Information:

Our live sessions will take place via Zoom, using a variety of online tools like Mural and Google Jamboards, but you will also be sent videos and resources to use on your own time. A good internet connection will ensure the best experience. There will be an option to turn on live captions during sessions.


This is an experiential programme, so participants will be expected to actively participate on multiple occasions, and there will be a mix of solo, pair and group exercises throughout.

After signing up, all participants will be contacted and there will be a chance to create an access plan together if needed. If you have any access questions before signing up, please contact


Huddlecraft 101 for organisations

If you’d like >3 employees to join, get in touch for a discount. Or if you’d like >6 employees to join, it might make more sense to run this training in-houseGet in touch via


Representing an organisation and want to know more?

What we'll cover

We'll focus on 5 levels of peer-led dynamics, starting with 'The I' and building gradually, finishing by looking at 'The Whole'.


In peer-led approaches the individual can no longer be a passive recipient. How can we help people transition into new roles?

  • Self as a ‘relational ingredient’

  • Fluid roles and adaptability

  • Becoming coach and coachee

  • Growing intrinsic motivation

  • Inner and outer ‘work’

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The I:


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The You and I:

121 relationships

Groups and communities are built on the strength of their smaller units. How can we use pairs as a powerful building block?

  • Formats for structuring pairs (buddies, mentors, stewards etc.) 

  • Relationship intention setting and rituals

  • Multiplying accountability and creativity

  • Matchmaking

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The We:

Peer groups

The power of small groups cannot be overstated. What craft is required to navigate group dynamics and avoid common pitfalls?

  • Group size and dynamics

  • Peer group roles, including hosting

  • Formats for structuring groups

  • Crafting equitable spaces

  • Addressing common peer group challenges

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The Us:


It is often assumed that a peer-led community or peer support network will just run itself. What is required to sustain these structures?

  • Community purpose and collaborative navigation

  • Network structures 

  • Mapping relationships

  • Peer exchange  formats

  • Stewarding equitable communities

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The Whole:

Wider ecosystem

No peer group, community or network exists in a vacuum. How can you work intentionally with your wider context?

  • Culture and power dynamics in your context

  • Creating a counter-culture within a culture

  • Peer groups vs systemic barriers

  • Scaling peer relating capacity


"Coming together with the other Hosts gave me so much invaluable support and another peer group to share, learn and grow with." 

- Matt McStravick, Learning Marathon Host



Your Hosts

Huddlecraft 101 will be hosted by Zahra, Anneka and Sarah - with lots of contributions from our Host Community too.


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Zahra Davidson

Zahra has been geeking out over the power of peer groups since 2016, although she suspects her interest has roots in childhood experiences of alternative education and Islamic gatherings. Zahra is co-founder of Enrol Yourself and hosted our first 3 peer groups. Since then, Enrol Yourself has hosted hundreds of people through peer-led experiences. Zahra’s background spans service design, system change and visual communication.


Anneka Deva - Roo Lewis 3177.jpg

Anneka Deva

Anneka is a campaigns, partnerships and marketing professional with 17 years experience in establishing ventures and building communities. She has worked with TEDx, Impact Hub, and the University of Birmingham. Anneka set up Enrol Yourself’s first Learning Marathon outside London and she’s now leading on OwnIt, applying peer-led methodology to a complex challenge: how to support women to take #ClimateAction through their personal finances.



Sarah Adefehinti

Sarah has been building community for a decade - and building community at Enrol Yourself since 2017 - and is a wellness coach and facilitator with a background in psychology and sex and relationships education. Their approach to community is always people-centred and relational - they’ve witnessed just how powerful authentic communities can be on both a personal and a collective level, and strongly believes in their world-changing potential.




What level of experience is needed to participate?
There are no prerequisites for joining Huddlecraft 101, but we have designed this training for people working on community, culture and/or learning, either within an organisation or independently.

This will be most suitable for those who have been working on real life peer-to-peer and participatory challenges for 3+ years. However, if you're earlier on your journey, get in touch and we can discuss whether this might be right for you at this stage.

What is the time commitment for participants?

You'll need to be able to commit 3 days over a 3 week period. 2 of those days (spread out in 2.15 hour sessions) will be spent in facilitated sessions, online. The remaining day is made up of self-paced learning activities that you can complete flexibly, when it works for you.

I'm not based in the UK?

That's totally fine. We've schedule all facilitated sessions at 1.15 - 3.30pm UK time so that people in a wide variety of timezones can participate.

The times I see above don't work for me. Are there other options?

We are still setting the dates for 2022's programme, so please let us know what dates/times are ideal for you (especially if you're outside the GMT timezone.)

Can I send several employees or a whole team on this training? Or can you run this training exclusively for my organisation?

Yes. We welcome this and believe you will take even more value from the training by having several people participate.

If you want to send >3 employees please get in touch for a discount. If you want to send >6 employees, let us know: it might be that it will make more sense to run the training in-house, tailored to your aims and objectives.


Can you help me get support from my employer to participate?

Yes. You can download our organisation's pack and share it with your employer. The pack is designed to help you ask for support. Please let us know if there's something else we can do to help.

I’ve spent so much time on Zoom... How will you keep this energising?
We feel you. Keeping online learning experiences fun and energising is part of what we do. We deliberately keep sessions short, take breaks, and mix things up with a variety of facilitation styles. Huddlecraft 101 also includes self-paced materials to learn from when you're ready.

All our sessions are designed using principles of experiential learning, connecting you with other participants - and of course, peer-to-peer exchange.

What are your criteria for bursaries?

Limited bursaries are available to those who identify as being from an under-represented background, including but not limited to POC, LGBTQIA+, disabled people, refugees or asylum seekers. They are also available to those with low income. You can apply for one of these bursaries via this form.

Please get in touch via if you would like to discuss eligibility.

Can I pay in instalments?
We are offering the option of splitting the total over 4 instalments. If splitting the total down over a longer time period would help you participate please get in touch with to discuss possibilities.

Will this training meet my access needs?

We will endeavour to meet the needs of those who want to participate. With our own peer groups we have been exploring a variety of accessibility solutions including access plans, live-captioning, large text documents and other adaptations.

Please get in touch with any questions - and there's space in the sign up form to let us know how we can make this work for you.

How do you approach diversity, inclusion and anti-oppression as an organisation?

We believe that putting peer-to-peer relationships at the heart of our approach has huge potential for more inclusive and equitable learning and development. However, we know that a very deliberate effort is required to deliver these benefits in reality.

Diversity is essential to our pedagogy, within which peers exchange perspectives, ideas, experience and contacts. This is a top cited value point for our participants; that they learn from multiple perspectives within the group.

We are committed to continually learning and exploring this question as a team. We invite our partners to go on that journey with us. We believe in walking the walk, and strive to do as much as we can within our means, for example setting up our Abundancy Fund to support people from underrepresented backgrounds to participate in the Learning Marathon.

Is there a selection process?

No, if you'd like to participate, you can.


How do I sign up?

The sign up process is simple. Please follow this link to sign up and tell us a bit more about you and what you're hoping to get out of the training. After that, you'll be sent an email where you'll be able to choose your payment option - either paying up front or in instalments.

How do I get in touch?

You can reach us via or stay up to date on social media @EnrolYourself


Join Huddlecraft 101

 If you have any questions, please get in touch via


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"Thank you for creating a virtual space where I have been able to connect with a hub of interesting and passionate people." 

- Imani Clough, Learning Marathon Host