A field guide to pollinating peer groups.

Part yearbook, part manifesto, part impact report.

What's inside?

Huddlecraft showcases the first 3 years of Enrol Yourself; what we've done so far; what we've learnt; the impact we've had; where we're heading next.




Enrol Yourself in numbers. After 3 years and 14 Learning Marathons, what have we learned about the impact the process can have?



As uncertainty grows, precise plans feel increasingly futile. We've developed a compass to help us navigate towards our goals.

We've also made a guide to making your own compass. See below >>



We've taken some time to reflect and write about our experiences, what we've learnt, and how we can contribute to a post-growth economy.


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Design your own compass

How are you, or your organisation, going to navigate into an uncertain future? Our guide will help you navigate towards your 'North Star', with an attitude of continual reorientation.


  • Define your North Star (your purpose or the direction you want to travel in)

  • Create a compass that will help you navigate toward your North Star

  • Start conversations about what you and your team really value