A field guide to pollinating peer groups.

Part yearbook, part manifesto, part impact report.

What's inside?

Huddlecraft showcases the first 3 years of Enrol Yourself; what we've done so far; what we've learnt; the impact we've had; where we're heading next.



Enrol Yourself in numbers. After 3 years and 14 Learning Marathons, what have we learned about the impact the process can have?



As uncertainty grows, precise plans feel increasingly futile. We've developed a compass to help us navigate towards our goals.



We've taken some time to reflect and write about our experiences, what we've learnt, and how we can contribute to a post-growth economy.


Fancy one of our limited edition, printed copies?


Available via our crowdfunding campaign: funding 20 places on the Learning Marathon, for people impacted by Covid-19.


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Collaborators and organisations who have supported our development.
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