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YxY Global Action Circles

5 youth hosted, intergenerational learning marathons for education activists!



Global, Online



5 months






Youth by Youth

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Join one of our 5 month learning journeys to connect with education activists around the world in radically reimagining the future of learning, together.

We believe that the more people we gather to collectively sense make, imagine and co-create the future of education, the more people that future will serve.

Is it for me?

Do you feel like education doesn’t prepare us for the real world? Do you believe in a world where learning serves everyone: US, OUR communities, and the planet?

Do you want dedicated time to explore alternative possibilities for education? Are you looking to reawaken your imagination? Would you love to learn in community? Join our co-creative space and reclaim your education in an intersectional, intergenerational, youth-led and anti-oppressive environment.

Do it to


Explore your What Is: Make sense of our current learning and education system


Reimagine your What If: Radically reimagine new possibilities together through play and collective imagination practices


Co-create your What Now: Develop a project, idea or strategy to create local or global action

Your Host

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YxY Global Action circles are intergenerational peer-to-peer learning communities, formed of 10 Activists & 2-3 Youth Co-Hosts, meeting twice a month, with power up support!

Themes you can apply for are: Inclusive & Diverse Education, Education & Community Development, Tech & Inter-cultural Communication, Climate Action Through Education, Curriculum & Co-curricular Learning. Learnings & calls to action will be shared with our wider YxY annual gathering Jan 2022.

I am blown away by how united we all are. We come from all over but have the same problems & hopes.

YxY Education Activist Festival Attendee


How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

We believe that placing peer-to-peer relationships at the heart of learning creates huge potential for a more inclusive approach to education. We also know that a very deliberate effort is required to deliver those benefits in reality. A top cited value point for Enrol Yourself participants is that they learnt alongside people they wouldn't otherwise have met and were able to exchange their perspectives, ideas, experiences and more.

We want to welcome and support anyone with a strong intention to take part in our programmes, and aim to ensure that your identity or background will not be a barrier. Whilst we don't have it all figured out yet, we are working on it.

Who are Youth by Youth (YxY)?

YouthxYouth are a global community of youth activists & adult allies dedicated to the reimagination & transformation of education for collective liberation. Our goal is to accelerate the process of young people influencing, designing, & transforming their learning experiences and education systems. On Jan 22nd to Jan 24th 2021 we launched a 3-Day global online learning festival with education activists from 50 countries. With over 400+ attendees & 20 Youth Hosts we began our commitment together.

What will the program look like?

Our Global Action Circles are online, bi weekly, for 6 months, where we’ll each host a meetup that explores & expands our individual & collective learning questions in relationship to education activism. You will also meet with a buddy for peer-to-peer support on alternative weeks, supported by Power Up days at the end of the explore and reimagine phases.

What does the application process look like and how much does it cost?

f you’re interested, you can request more info below or just jump straight into the application form which you’ll also find below. The program is FREE for youth (anyone aged 25 years of below) For 26 years + cost ranges from £750 - £1650 dependent on your circumstances & finances & there are a small number of bursaries which provide a significant discount. We are aware that this is a financially difficult moment for many, so please reach out if you need support.

What types of education activism can I bring with me and explore with my LQ (learning question)?

Education activism comes in varying shapes & sizes. Your LQ might pay attention to changes unique to you & your school, or macro changes our education systems. Perhaps you’re more intrigued by how we learn, or maybe those who are not included in the experience It’s up to you! All we ask is that the purpose of your LQ is to reimagine education.



Register your interest with the Host to receive the information pack. You can also request a phone call and some resources to take to your employer if you think they might be able to (partially or fully) sponsor your place on the programme.

Thank you for registering your interest, the host will be in touch!

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