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The Sheffield Pioneers

A place-based Learning Marathon to explore solutions to the challenges faced by our society.






6 months



3-5 per week



Stella McKenna

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A multidisciplinary peer-led adventure for anyone who calls Sheffield home — from the newest arrivals, to the born and bred.

With this unique city as our site of experimentation, and with a backdrop of global pandemic, climate emergency, racial injustice and mental health crisis, we will build our capacity and resilience, for ourselves and our society, and together dream up solutions for Sheffield and beyond.

Is it for me?

We are in crisis. The systems and structures that hold our society together are failing. Our house is burning. But collectively we can do something about it.

This Learning Marathon is for you if you have an idea, a desire, a commitment to be part of the change we need. Maybe you think you’re too small and no one will listen to you? Or you don’t really know how, or even exactly what, you could do? Then you’re in the right place.

Do it to


Connect with other passionate humans in and around Sheffield. Pool your networks, ideas and skills.


Be supported to tackle a specific challenge you see in our local, national or global community, over 6 months.


Immerse yourself in a new learning environment, where collaboration and exploration are critical to all our success.

Your Host

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Having participated in a Learning Marathon in 2018, I am excited to spread some peer-learning magic in my new home town of Sheffield.

I am a daughter, partner and a friend. I’ve been facilitating since I was a teenager & I thrive on holding space for others to explore & play. As your host I promise to be your cheerleader, as well as your critical friend, journeying with you as we uncover our individual & collective power.

"Stella is a beautifully strong human, reliable, resilient and is an excellent ally to journey with"

David Heinemann - Enrol Yourself Host


How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

We believe that placing peer-to-peer relationships at the heart of learning creates huge potential for a more inclusive approach to education. We also know that a very deliberate effort is required to deliver those benefits in reality. A top cited value point for Enrol Yourself participants is that they learnt alongside people they wouldn't otherwise have met and were able to exchange their perspectives, ideas, experiences and more.

We want to welcome and support anyone with a strong intention to take part in our programmes, and aim to ensure that your identity or background will not be a barrier. Whilst we don't have it all figured out yet, we are working on it.

What does the programme look like?

The Learning Marathon is a rhythm of fortnightly workshops, alternating with buddy sessions. Over 6 months, we will meet as a group every other Tuesday evening. Participants will take it in turn to lead a workshop that helps us to explore our learning questions. We will use our skills, experience and resources to support each other in our collective learning. The journey is punctuated by 2 'power up' sessions: an opportunity to report back and receive input on our individual progress.

How will the blended online/in person work in practice?

In 2020, we have all learnt to adapt in accordance with the ever-evolving pandemic. We cannot know where we will be in relation to COVID restrictions when this programme launches in Spring 2021. As a place-based group, the intention is for some of the elements of this Learning Marathon to take place in person, and we know it is likely that parts will take place online. We will always have that option should new restrictions come into effect and in such times, we will remain as fluid as possible.

What does the application process look like?

The application process is simple. You can request more information at the bottom of this page, and feel free to reach out to me for an informal chat. If this feels like something that calls you then you can sign up via the application form. After the deadline I will find a time to speak with you, before offering a limited number of places.

How much does it cost to participate?

Cost ranges from £675 - £1550 dependent on your circumstances and finances. Bursaries and payment plans are available. If you are able, we encourage you to contribute to our higher tier. This makes it possible to offer these lower cost places to those with less income: and makes it possible for you to learn as part of a more diverse group. We are aware that this is a financially precarious moment for many, so please reach out if you need support.



Register your interest with the Host to receive the information pack. You can also request a phone call and some resources to take to your employer if you think they might be able to (partially or fully) sponsor your place on the programme.

Thank you for registering your interest, the host will be in touch!

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