Itching to make something happen?  

​Enrol your peers. Multiply your possibilities. Become a Learning Marathon Host.

2020 Host Fellowship

You're invited to join the Enrol Yourself Host Fellowship. It's a 1 year programme of support to make the Learning Marathon happen in your local area. As a licensed Host, you can grow your own 'micro-venture', backed and supported by those who have gone before you.


The Host Fellowship includes everything you need to make the Learning Marathon happen:



In a nutshell:

A 1 year remote fellowship to support you to develop, recruit, launch and run your own Learning Marathon.

Key dates:

The Fellowship will kick off in September 2020. Early birds apply by July 20th, final applications by August 17th. We will start with training: a programme of Zoom sessions and activities running between September 14th - 27th.



We welcome applications from all locations. The pandemic has encouraged us to make the entire Host Fellowship available online.



The fee you pay for the Host Fellowship depends on your situation and whether you are self-funding or your organisation is paying. There are payment plans and bursaries available. More information below.

Income potential:

You'll design a cost structure that makes sense for your Learning Marathon, and the audience you want to work with. Depending on your pricing you could yield between £6k - £18k.

Host Fellowship Overview


Anneka Deva - Roo Lewis 3177.jpg

"I've grown my confidence as a 'maker-happener'. I've built something that had only been tried in London into a real-life thing in Birmingham. I've loved making connections with like minded souls where I live.

- Anneka Deva, Learning Marathon Host


Host an adventure

This is an opportunity to initiate an adventure. The Learning Marathon is a 6 month structure for peer-led learning that can be adapted to different contexts. At its heart it is a collective journey that connects and fuels a group of people as they grow themselves, together. 


You might be an aspiring or experienced facilitator, a community organiser, a coach, a learning designer, or a real people person. You might want to connect freelancers navigating the challenges of self-employment, men of all ages exploring masculinity, or activists working for change - you name it. 


You bring your ideas and we'll provide the resources, community and programme of support to help you to make it happen.


"Hosting the Learning Marathon has been just the beginning of a brilliant adventure. I've found magnificent collaborators, made wonderful friends and earned over £20k as a result.


- David Heinemann, Learning Marathon Host


What are we growing?

We are growing an 'ecosystem' of support for peer-to-peer learning and organising. 

We act in support of a necessary transition to an economy (and consciousness) that will serve people and planet for generations to come. By putting peer-to-peer relationships at the heart of our model, we practice living in our preferred future by learning together (co-operatively and locally) in the present. 

We aim to uproot some of the principles that sit at the heart of adult education. These principles may have served us once, but now point us away from collective survival and flourishing in the 21st Century.


We support a shift:



Bias towards a teacher-student model, in which students receive knowledge from experts.

Belief in an abundant yet
under-utilised resource for adult development: peers.

A focus on developing the market value of the individual.

A focus on developing the whole person and their ability to thrive (including but not exclusively their livelihood).

A focus on fostering outer development, status and material gain.

A focus on harmony between outer and inner development.

Centralised knowledge, power and resources.

Distributed knowledge, power and resources.

Designed to uphold and propagate the status quo.

Designed to adapt, continually evolving in response to emerging needs.


Why host?

Hosting a learning community can be a life-and-work-changing experience, for you as the Host, and for your participants.

You might be:

  • A freelancer looking to add an income stream or side project to your portfolio.

  • A community enthusiast keen to establish connections, creativity and resilience in your local area.

  • An activist wanting to mobilise people around an important goal or theme.

  • Part of an organisation that would like to create an incredible internal culture of learning and development.

  • A coach looking to develop your practice in a peer group setting.

  • A retiree searching for a stimulating new challenge.

  • A surprise that we haven't imagined yet!


Do it to:

  • Grow your capability as a 'maker-happener', able to turn a vision into reality.

  • Start a 'micro-venture' with proven social value and recurring income potential.

  • Directly see your impact: watch people grow in unexpected ways and play a meaningful role in that growth.

  • Establish a meaningful and valuable learning community where you live or work. Develop your network of relationships.

  • Deepen your understanding and experience of lifelong learning, peer-to-peer learning and community building.

  • Expand your facilitator range and skill-set. Play with new  approaches and develop your style.

  • Work with an audience that you want to host.


Representing an organisation? Want to do this internally? 

Let us know and we'll send over more information.

Get in touch on



"Coming together with the other Learning Marathon hosts gave me so much invaluable support and another peer group to share, learn and grow with." 


- Matt McStravick, Learning Marathon Host


The Host Fellowship includes:


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  • A license to launch the Learning Marathon.

  • You'll design a cost structure that makes sense for your Learning Marathon, and the audience you want to work with. Depending on your pricing you could yield £6k - £18k.

Fellowship Programme

Fellowship Programme

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  • Intensive training and initiation. More info!

  • A 1 year programme of remote support including fortnightly 1:1 calls with your Host buddy, and monthly facilitated group calls to tackle challenges with members of your Host cohort.


  • A team of experienced Enrol Yourself Hosts to act as mentors and coaches.

  • A cohort of fellow Hosts to learn with and from.

  • Connection to the whole Enrol Yourself community, including >140 previous participants.

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  • Access to the Host Toolbox, including learning philosophy, all Learning Marathon resources, Enrol Yourself branding and marketing materials.

  • Opportunity to draw on marketing and recruitment support from the core Enrol Yourself team.

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Enrol Yourself is a social enterprise. We want to be transparent about how we make and spend our money.

The fee structure is designed to cover the costs of running the Host Fellowship and provide several self-funded bursaries. Should we generate a surplus, this will be reinvested or used to provide future bursaries.


As a licensed Host, you keep your Learning Marathon revenue, so your fee is an investment in your own micro-venture. A 6 month Learning Marathon brings in between £6k - £18k, depending on who it's for and how much you decide to charge.

We know that it might not be possible for you to stump up the full fee upfront, and we offer monthly payments with 0% interest. 

Contributions cover:


We ask for:


Total fee

12 monthly payments of






Corporate / Philanthropy / Central Government

NGO / Public Sector / Social Enterprise

Small Organisation / Freelance


Special Bursary / Previous Participant







Limited bursaries are available to those who identify as being from an under-represented background, including but not limited to BAME, LGBTQ+, disabled people, refugees or asylum seekers. They are also available to those with low income.

Please get in touch via to discuss eligibility.


Get started

Here are 6 simple steps to get things going: 

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1. Get the pack

If you're intrigued, have a read of our Host's pack. It includes lots more information about the Host Fellowship. Download it here.



4. Training

If we're a match you'll join us for facilitator training. We'll immerse you in our approach and toolkit, and you'll meet other Hosts. 

Screenshot 2018-12-13 10.57.11.png

2. Apply

Feel free to contact us with any questions. If you decide to go for it, please complete our short application.



5. Connect group

After the training you'll recruit your peer group. We'll support you with marketing, outreach and curation of the group. 


3. Let's chat

We’ll find a time for a 2-way interview. Through this conversation we’ll work out if we want to journey together.

Screenshot 2018-12-13 11.01.14.png

6. Launch!

The real adventure begins. We'll support you step-by-step to ensure you and your participants have a great experience. 

Applications are open

 If you have any questions, please get in touch via



"Hosting the Learning Marathon is all about creating brave spaces for experimentation and growth. You are your own agent. You get to decide what it looks like, who is going to take part, how you facilitate." 

- Sarah Adefehinti, Learning Marathon Host