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I'd like to host the

Learning Marathon in Birmingham

Hi I'm Anneka. I want to host a multidisciplinary peer group for cross-sector professionals of any age who want to tackle a professional, personal or societal change they want to see. Help me launch by letting me know you might be interested.


Expressions of interest

What's the Learning Marathon?

It's a 6 month peer-led learning accelerator where you grow yourself, together. It's for you if you want to grow to meet a professional, personal or societal challenge that really matters to you.

Hosts initiate peer groups of 10-12 in their local area. Your host will connect you to a dozen peers, each tackling a totally different challenge. With support from your host, you pool your ideas, skills, experience, perspectives and momentum to create a rich 'soil' that will fuel your growth. Together you take on the Path, 6 months of activities designed to maximise your collective potential. If your host gets enough interest they will be trained in the Enrol Yourself philosophy and approaches and open applications.


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Your host

Anneka Deva currently works as External Relations Officer at the University of Birmingham School, exploring the education system and the role of character education in bringing about human flourishing (or 'eudaemonia').


Anneka has designed and facilitated learning and development programmes for startups across Europe at tech startup accelerator Oxygen, through a series of accelerators based at Google Campus in London and startup retreats in Tenerife and Budapest. Prior to this Anneka facilitated visual thinking strategy workshops whilst working as a Brand Manager at award-winning brand agency ORB, and created national leadership programmes for young people with youth empowerment charity Envision UK.

Anneka is also the founder of TEDxBrum, responsible for bringing the international TEDx movement to Birmingham in 2011 and leading a team of over 40 volunteers to create the first two TEDxBrum events in the city in 2012 and 2013. She re-joined the TEDxBrum team in 2016 to coach speakers, and led TEDxBrum's Community Outreach Programme in 2017.

In Anneka's first Learning Marathon, she will be exploring the question 'how might we cultivate communities where we can learn together to more effectively create systemic change in the world?'.

"Anneka has a deep understanding of people and a deep desire to understand the world. She weaves learning journeys with attention to detail, openness and humility." 

- Kate Weiler, Senior Youth Practitioner, HeadStart Newham


Dates and details

Key dates for your diary:


What does the programme look like?

All the detail is here.

​What's the application process like?

The application process is simple. You tell us a bit about yourself and make a short proposal for the project you'll take on. You do this via the application form. If you're shortlisted you will have an interview with your facilitator over the phone.

Should you wait until the deadline to apply?

Ideally no. Your facilitator will be reviewing and interviewing throughout the application period, so don't sit on it. Remember we're looking for passion and commitment - not proposal writing skills.

​What's the time commitment?

The guideline we give is that you will need to be able to commit 5+ hours per week. Some weeks it will be more, other weeks it may be less. Some of this time will be spent in Meetups and workshops, some of it will be self-initiated.

When do we Meetup?

Evening Meetups will be every other Monday 6 - 9.30pm at a variety of Birmingham locations.


What are we looking for?


  1. Commitment to a Learning Question that you will pursue as a self-led project.

  2. Real interest in learning with and from a group of peers. You'll have deep listening skills and be able to work in collaboration, articulate your ideas and make them visible. 

  3. A proactive spirit. You come with lots of ideas and creative energy to make them a reality.


  1. We welcome applications from people of all ages, but we recommend a minimum of 3 years professional experience.

  2. A strong network of contacts and colleagues that you're open to sharing with the group.

We also welcome applications from pairs or collaborators working on the same goal or project. 

We'll be thinking about the range of skills and attributes that applicants will bring, looking for synergy between questions and aiming to connect you to peers who will multiply your learning.

Expressions of interest

You can help me launch by letting me know you might be interested, and feel free to share with your community too. You'll be first to know when applications open. You can send any questions to


Expressions of interest