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We can share what we know with you through training, coaching or co-designing your learning offer

Training        Co-design        Coaching


We create and facilitate vibrant, experiential workshops, sessions and events that engage, challenge and upskill. We translate our experience building peer-led learning communities into short, intensive group experiences with specific goals and outcomes. Sessions we can run include:

Peer-led facilitation


Collaborative learning


Learner experience design


Peer-to-peer learning can maximise the developmental potential of groups, teams and organisations, whilst building relationships and making the most of the resources within your community. Learn how to facilitate peer exchange as an alternative to teacher/learner structures.


According to Johnson and Johnson's meta-analysis, students in co-operative learning settings compared to those in individualistic learning settings, achieve more, reason better and gain higher self-esteem. Collaborative learning takes many forms which we explore in this session.


Learn how to create amazing learning experiences using design thinking. This is all about user-centred design - but the users are learners. This approach can be applied to any learning interventions you want to create, whether face-to-face, digital or blended.




We can work with you and your learners to scope, research, design and deliver your learning experiences, programmes and products. We'll bring our understanding of peer-led and collaborative learning to your project or organisation, helping you to take a learner-centred approach and to make the most of resources you have within your community.

Learner-centred research


In order for you to design experiences, programmes and services that meet the learning needs of your organisation, you will need to learn about your learners. Without ethnographic immersion you won't know what problems you're trying to solve or what you need to create. 


Learning strategy development


Perhaps you already have pockets of thriving learning culture but you want to add some structure. Or maybe you're growing and you haven't needed to think about it; until now. Wherever you're at we can act as creative and strategic partners, helping you to lay the foundations. 


Programme design


Now you need to put together a programme which will meet the needs of your learners. That might mean a series of communities of practice, an intensive course or a whole annual cycle of activities. We can work with you to find the right solution.




Many organisations recognise the value that cooperative models such as peer-led learning and communities of interest can bring, both in terms of cost savings and unique opportunities for skills development. Designing the learning culture you want is one thing, implementing it is quite another, requiring ongoing facilitation and perseverance, and long-term success is more likely with sustained support and a space within which you can structure reflection about what is working and what isn't.

One-to-one coaching


Perhaps it's your responsibility to implement communities of practice at your organisation or reinvigorate your learning culture. You're facing the kinds of challenges that come with building communities. We can personalise a rhythm of coaching sessions to suit you.


Facilitated team learning


Reflection and learning sessions can help you and your team to pause, take stock and bank some of the learnings which would otherwise go unnoticed, leading to more confidence and conviction in your growing capabilities. An external facilitator can help bring a neutral view.


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