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The League of Less Work

A peer learning expedition for organisations and people exploring reduced working hours in 2022.






9 months



3-4 hrs/month



League of Less Work

David Heinemann

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More time for friends, family, learning and rest? A happier and more energised team? A smaller carbon footprint? Demonstrable #ClimateAction? An embodied statement of your values?

Increasing numbers of people are unlocking these benefits by reducing their working hours. Enrol Yourself, LearnJam and your Host David invite you to join us on an expedition: to reduce our working hours and together address the damaging cycle of overwork we’re caught in. LearnJam has a 4-day week, Enrol Yourself will trial 90% time in 2022, David is exploring his approach as a freelancer.

Is it for me?

We’re connecting a peer group of people and organisations who want to put this into practice in 2022. We’ll meet monthly for 9 months, pooling strategies, and support.

All sectors welcome: private, public, for profit, not for profit, freelancers. You might be reducing your hours already, or about to take the leap and unsure how to do it. You’ll be open to sharing your learning with the group and the public. Particular encouragement to decision makers to join us.

Do it to


Multiply strategies and confidence to apply this in your setting, by regularly exchanging learning with peer group


Influence others to make this change, by co-authoring 3 blogs and collaborating to publicly showcase our learnings


Feel resilient and motivated when challenges arise, supported by the solidarity of the group and an experienced coach

Your Host

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I’m Dave. A Dad, an uncle, a brother. A husband, a neighbour, a human. And a strategist, activist and facilitator. Right now, I’m wondering what our children will thank us for?

20 years ago, I left school hungry for change. I’ve since been on a journey: via theatres, charity offices, community halls, global stages, schools, sports centres, wild places. And I’ve met 100’s of brilliant people who’ve all together taught me one precious thing: change really does start at home.

“We would not be where we are today were it not for David’s help and support”

Charlie Smith,


How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

We believe that placing peer-to-peer relationships at the heart of learning creates huge potential for a more inclusive approach to education. We also know that a very deliberate effort is required to deliver those benefits in reality. A top cited value point for Enrol Yourself participants is that they learnt alongside people they wouldn't otherwise have met and were able to exchange their perspectives, ideas, experiences and more.

We want to welcome and support anyone with a strong intention to take part in our programmes, and aim to ensure that your identity or background will not be a barrier. Whilst we don't have it all figured out yet, we are working on it.

What does the programme look like?

This expedition is peer-led: we won’t be teaching you or judging you for how you fare. The journey will be facilitated to maximise peer exchange, through a monthly online session and 121 coaching. Through prompts and activities we’ll share challenges and strategies, and reflection will continue between sessions via WhatsApp (or a preferred channel). We’ll close with a public event where we’ll share our learnings and invite others to reduce their working hours too. More info via the form below.

How much does it cost?

We have a sliding scale approach, asking you to ‘pay what you feel’ within a defined range. This ensures that a range of individuals and organisations can benefit, regardless of their financial position. Those paying more subsidise those able to afford less. For individuals we ask for contributions of £400 - £800, and for organisations it’s £800 - £3800 per person, and costs can be split over the 9 months. Please contact us if cost is a barrier, or if you’re unsure where you sit on the scale.

What does the application process look like?

Applications are now open. You can apply for limited places via a simple form at the top of this page. We’ll review applications on a rolling basis and we’ll either offer you a place (if the expedition is a clear fit and we’ve spoken with you already) or request a chat (if we’re yet to connect or if there are some questions to explore together). Let us know you'd like more information via the form at the bottom of the page and please reach out with any questions.

We’re already investing heavily to reduce our working hours. Why would we invest more to do this?

Reducing working hours is a step into the unknown, requiring rounds of trial and error. Based on our experience hosting 700+ people through peer learning journeys, we believe this expedition will; multiply your strategies for inevitable challenges; save you cycles of iteration and potential mistakes through access to lessons learned by your peers; support your team with a thorough reflection and evaluation; create cultural conditions to keep commitment and motivation high at your organisation.

How is this different to the 4-day week pilot programme?

The 4-day week pilot programme is for organisations who can commit to a 6 month 4-day week pilot starting in June 2022. The League of Less Work brings together multiple perspectives. We welcome; those who are already piloting reduced working hours; those who are reducing their working hours using approaches other than the 4-day week (e.g. 90% time); those currently building the case for a pilot; those exploring how to put this into practice; individuals who would like to work less hours.



Register your interest with the Host to receive the information pack. You can also request a phone call and some resources to take to your employer if you think they might be able to (partially or fully) sponsor your place on the programme.

Thank you for registering your interest, the host will be in touch!

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