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A 6month multidisciplinary peer-led learning marathon to nurture connection, belonging and creativity.






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Clemence Tanzi


An international and intergenerational community of learners, exploring our belonging to ourselves, our community and our planet.

Join a community of maker-happeners, fuel your momentum and co-create your learning journey. This is a non-judgmental space to slow down and allow our inner world to emerge. We will pool our own skills, experience and perspectives together to power our individual learning and collaborate on our proj

Is it for me?

Do you believe magic happens when a group of diverse thinkers come together to dream and collaborate? Do you want to bring playfulness to a personal or professional challenge?

The International LM is for you if you: believe in our individual and collective need to slow down and listen deeply before taking on inner and global challenges, want to learn and participate in a honest, kind and radical space, and want to widen your perspective & unlock your creativity.

Do it to


Enrich your experience by sharing your personal progress, insights and challenges with a diverse community of learners


Cultivate intentional connections to the earth, your community, mind and body, to create with heart, head and hands


Sustain your joy and momentum as you scout and try out your own creative outlet

Your Host

Having move to the UK from France in 2013, I’ve been exploring “Where is my physical, spiritual & emotional home?” for sometime. And I am curious about your answers.

I am a yoga teacher, coach, and experienced learning facilitator. I love bringing people together in inclusive, playful, nourishing learning spaces. During my first learning marathon as a participant I was moved by the power of peer groups and deep conversations in igniting quiet revolutions.




How do you approach diversity and inclusion?

We believe that placing peer-to-peer relationships at the heart of learning creates huge potential for a more inclusive approach to education. We also know that a very deliberate effort is required to deliver those benefits in reality. A top cited value point for Enrol Yourself participants is that they learnt alongside people they wouldn't otherwise have met and were able to exchange their perspectives, ideas, experiences and more.

We want to welcome and support anyone with a strong intention to take part in our programmes, and aim to ensure that your identity or background will not be a barrier. Whilst we don't have it all figured out yet, we are working on it.

What does the programme look like?

The suggested commitment is 5+ hours per week. Some weeks it will be more, other weeks it may be less. Some of this time will be spent in meetups, some of it will be self-initiated. The programme is carefully designed for an online setting to allow for spaciousness, and to fit alongside your work life.

What are the important touch points?

12 fortnightly Tuesday evening meetups 6-8pm (GMT), with free time for hangouts/dinners together before and after the meetups*. 12 peer mentoring and coaching sessions, scheduled at your convenience. 1 online launch long weekend (30 April, 1 and 2 May 2021). 3 power up session where we report back on our learning. 1 co-created, individual retreat in August 2021 *Each person takes it in turn to collaborate and lead a workshop that helps us explore our individual learning question.

What does the application process look like?

Apply by the 13th March 2021 to get a 5% early bird discount. We will be reviewing and interviewing throughout the application period, so get it in early! Deadline to apply for the learning marathon is Saturday 3nd April 2021, 8am. The application process is simple. You tell us a bit about yourself and make a short proposal for the project you'll take on. You do this via the application form. If you're shortlisted you will have an interview with me over the phone.

How much does it cost?

Cost ranges from £750 - £1650 dependent on your circumstances and finances. There are also a small amount of bursaries available. If you are able, we encourage you to contribute to our higher tier. This makes it possible to offer these lower cost places to those with less income: and makes it possible for you to learn as part of a more diverse group. We are aware that this is a financially precarious moment for many, so please reach out if you need support.

The Learning Marathon is international, what does that mean?

To allow for more fluid conversations online, and spontaneous connection, we will prioritize applications from certain timezones (GMT, GMT+1 and CEST). During the learning marathon, we will communicate (mainly!) in English. To take part, you need to feel confident in your abilities to articulate your thought process in English, but you don’t need to be bilingual. This is to ensure you get the most from the experience!



Register your interest with the Host to receive the information pack. You can also request a phone call and some resources to take to your employer if you think they might be able to (partially or fully) sponsor your place on the programme.

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