Enrol Camp: an end-of-summer retreat co-hosted and co-created by the participants.

An invitation

Inviting past and present Enrol Yourself participants for a weekend of creativity, celebration and community. Once again we're working with Heartworks, aka Rebecca Birch, to bring us together for some restorative time out in the 'wild' (Somerset). This year we're inviting you to bring a friend or loved one - if you'd like to.


Enrol Camp is an opportunity to come back together with some members of your peer group, and get to know people from other groups too. It's a chance to 'retreat yourself' as the summer comes to a close, marking the change of seasons with good vibes, good food, good company - and a totally unique line up of workshops and activities.

It works like this. We provide the space and the 'container'. You propose any session/s you'd like to host. We put together a line up of activities, making sure there's something for every mood. If you don't want to host a session that's fine too, there are loads of other ways to contribute, like cooking up a storm, bringing your guitar, or just bringing your best you. Here's just a snapshot from last year:


"Enrol Camp was a life-affirming experience, a holistic festival of love, a celebration of creative energy!" 

- Lawrence Pardoe


What to expect

Beautiful setting

Spend some time in the South West countryside before we head into another winter. 


Some creative, some reflective, some purposeful, some collaborative, some quiet. 


Time to reflect

We encourage all naps, walks, time outs, and alone time to just sit and think.



Last year we played a lot of lemon jousting. You're welcome to bring your favourite games. 


Campfires, marshmallows and music are all essential (and we'll light a fire inside if it rains).


Great food

Every meal will be chosen and cooked by groups of us, and we'll eat, drink and snack together. 

Expressions of interest

Let us know if you want to come, what your preferences are, what your contributions might be - and share your ideas for the camp.


"The retreat gave me valuable space away from the everyday, amongst an inspiring community. It was more than just a fun weekend: I'm returning with a fresh sense of purpose and playfulness."

- Bailey



The lowdown:

Where: Somerset

When: 20th - 22nd September 2019

Accommodation: Camping in the lovely South West countryside. We have unlimited space for camping, and this year we have up to 12 beds available indoors. There's space in the expression of interest form to tell us about your preferences and needs.

Costs: Enrol Camp is being run at cost, not for profit. Your contribution covers some of our time to make this happen, as well as your food, drink and all materials.

  • 'Pay it forward' ticket: £220 (support someone else to afford their ticket)

  • Regular ticket: £190

  • Lower income ticket: £130

We can also spread payments over a few months. Please just get in touch if you want to come but would need further support.



  • Enrol Camp follows all the same principles as the Learning Marathon. And for that reason all the workshops, sessions and activities are designed and hosted by the camp participants.

  • As part of the expression of interest we ask you to let us know if you'd like to host. Nearer to the time we thread all the offers together into a line-up with choices for each time slot, so you can pick the sessions that appeal most to you.

  • This will be an incredibly supportive group of open minded participants, and possibly the best sandbox you'll find for trying something out, testing something you've never done before - or hosting an old favourite.

  • Last year's line up included an 'intergalactic conference', a ritualistic workshop to collaboratively create the 'September Pole' which we assembled and burnt, a letter writing session, a mindful walk, a dancing hour and more. We welcome whatever you want to offer!


"A wonder-filled weekend, perfect to awaken the artist inside all of us. Joyful, playful, reflective, restorative... like taking vitamins for the soul." 

- Dave