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I'd like to host the

Learning Marathon in Colchester

Hi I'm Alex. I want to host a multidisciplinary peer group for small business owners, students and parents with big ideas for impact. Help me launch by letting me know you might be interested.


What's the Learning Marathon?

A 6 month learning accelerator where a dozen peers come together, each tackling their own challenge but from within the collective. 

With support from your host, you pool your ideas, skills, experience, perspectives and momentum to create a rich 'soil' that will fuel your growth. Together you take on the Path, 6 months of activities designed to maximise your collective potential.

Your host

Alex has worked at the University of Essex for 11 years. She was inspired by the Vice Chancellor to believe that anyone can create change, no matter their background or experience, as long as they have passion and support. Since then, she has sought ways to impact the University and our education system.

Alex has worked with hundreds of people to change the way we deliver IT at the University to 15,000 users. She has led workshops, brainstorming sessions and events that inspire creative thinking, engagement and forge new relationships. She is an experienced project manager and has run large-scale projects at the University.

Enrol Yourself embodies her perfect idea of a fun and successful learning community, revolutionising the way we learn. She wants to use her skills to enable local influencers to turn their grand ideas into something tangible they can be proud of.

Alex is parent to a beautiful daughter, age 5, and encourages anyone with children who wants to make an impact to join. She believes that making time for your own passions is a great way to demonstrate to our children how they can be in the world.

Dates and details

What does the programme look like?

All the detail is here. The Learning Marathon is designed to fit alongside work. Fortnightly meetups are therefore on weekday evenings and longer intensive days tend to be over the weekend.

​What's the application process like?

The application process is simple. You'll tell us a bit about yourself and make a short proposal for the project you'll work on via an application form. If you're shortlisted you will have an interview with your host over the phone.

​What's the time commitment?

The guideline we give is that you will need to be able to commit 5+ hours per week. Some weeks it will be more, other weeks it may be less. Some of this time will be spent in meetups and workshops, some of it will be self-initiated.


What do we look for in participants?

  1. Commitment to a Learning Question that you will pursue as a self-led project.

  2. Real interest in learning with and from a group of peers. You'll have great listening skills and be able to work in collaboration, articulate your ideas and make them visible. 

  3. A proactive spirit. You come with lots of ideas and creative energy to make them a reality.


We also welcome applications from pairs or collaborators working on the same goal or project. 

Your host will be thinking about the range of skills and attributes that applicants will bring, looking for connections between Learning Questions, and aiming to connect you to peers who will multiply your learning.

Expressions of interest

You can help Alex launch her peer group by making an expression of interest and/or spreading the word. You'll be first to know when applications open. You can send any questions to